Services provided to schools include:

  • Design and implementation of staff professional learning
  • Facilitation of action research
  • Mentoring of lead teachers
  • Assistance with school or team planning

We also provides services to school clusters or leader networks.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Student-driven Inquiry Learning – assisting schools to develop units of work that move from teacher-led to student-led inquiry and focus on active engagement and development of student capabilities
  • Student Engagement – evaluating programs for levels of student connection and motivation and designing programs and processes that involve learners cognitively, socially and emotionally
  • Thinking Tools and Dispositions – developing practices that value thinking and make thinking visible in the classroom
  • Personalised Learning – developing practices that take a structured and responsive approach to each student’s learning, beginning with an in-depth understanding of each learner’s needs

Student-Driven Inquiry Learning

Into Thinking can introduce or enhance a student-driven inquiry learning approach in your school.

We provide PD aimed at:

  • Investigating inquiry as a natural and effective way of learning
  • Involving students in decisions about their learning
  • Demonstrating what great inquiry looks like in a classroom
  • Planning inquiry questions that provide thought and provocation and a desire to find out
  • Refining teacher questioning
  • Investigating effective tools and strategies for inquiry and reflection on learning
  • Integrating the effective use of technology to support and enhance inquiry learning

We support teachers in their implementation of inquiry through:

  • Support at planning
  • Monitoring and evaluation of progress
  • Providing ongoing professional learning based on teacher needs

We also provide mentoring services to teacher leaders to assist them to lead others in implementing effective inquiry processes across the school.

Visible Thinking

Information about student progress should not be limited to data results on standardised tests. The new Victorian Curriculum, in particular the Capabilities, requires schools to gather much broader information on student learning. Evidence of learning can be gained through methods such as student surveys, interviews, self-assessment, peer feedback, reflection journals, portfolios and performances of understanding.

Into Thinking can provide services to schools in:

  • gathering and reflecting on evidence of learning to improve teaching practices and student outcomes
  • improving formative assessment practices
  • professional development for leaders and teachers in developing practices that make learning visible to teachers, to students and to the wider community.
  • professional learning in the use of tools and strategies that promote and make student thinking visible in classrooms.

Personalised Learning

Personalised learning means high quality teaching that is responsive to the different ways students achieve their best. It takes account of students’ individual learning styles, motivations, and needs. This involves high-quality assessment, diagnostic and formative, and engaging students, teachers and parents as partners in learning.

Our services include:

  • professional learning on teaching & learning strategies that enable differentiation
  • helping teachers to improve formative assessment practices
  • exploring ways of increasing student voice and choice
  • strategies for assisting students to become self-managing learners

Student Engagement

Student engagement is critical to successful teaching and learning.

Into Thinking recognises this important aspect of helping students to make connections to school and to their own learning.

Our services include:

  • assisting schools to gather data about levels of student engagement
  • providing professional learning to staff on teaching practices that lead to increased student engagement
  • developing and implementing action plans for increasing student engagement
  • reflecting on progress and measuring changes in student engagement